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Hallo meine liebchen!!

Kinda scary, right? An actual update from me?? There are some people on here I haven't spoken to in YEARS. What to say, what to say...

Well, we can start with life. Always a good starter. I live it, it lives me. Day to day, I try to make the best of a good thing, hoping for something better. No worries, this babling will make sense soon enough.

Let's see, Taylor is seven now and in second grade. Just lost her fifth toothe the other day. So... she missing the top two middle and next on the left as well as bottom two middle. Poor kid can barely eat! She's doing amazing at her new school. Academically, it's amazing. Socially? Well, it's a lot better than her old school. I've found that Taylor is one of those kids. She's quiet, very soft spoken and easily hurt. The other kids can smell her hesitance and fear and they just eat it up. Bullying in second grade? I can't believe I'm able to say this but...

When I was in second grade, the worst I had to worry about was other kids not wanting to play with me because I didn't have the latest toys and expensive games. (I was in a private school on scholarship). I was quiet and reserved, just like her. But she's in public school so... I'm having the resort to teaching her to use her words instead of letting them hurt her. (Yes, hurt her. At seven!) "I didn't do anything to you, so back off!" Simple things like that. Her response? "Mom, I can't say that. It's means!"

See what I mean? *sigh* Girl's gonna have to grow a back bone. I didn't grow mine until sixth grade, and only then because I made friends who stood up for me and encouraged me until I came into my own. *huggles da Audrey and da Keva*

Kairi is... well.. lol, how the hell do I explain that onery lil shit? Kairi is 2.5 now. She's literally a ray of sunshine at midnight, and an evil lil devil... I'm serious! She even growls when she's angry! lol

Curly haired, blue eyed... *content sigh* lil angel o' mine. *grins* This kid, can make satan smile warmly. She knows when you need a hug, when you're upset... when's the perfect time to whine for a cookie. She likes to hide behind furniture when naptime comes, toss my pillows and blanket on the floor and jump around on my bed. She's a HUGE music buff. LOVES to dance. Literally shakes her groove thang to the music. Anytime you put a dress/skirt on her she must twirl. She's not going to have any problems socially. Taylor was very shy as a baby. Kairi? Psh! She doesn't know the meaning of the world. She owns the world, and I love them both to iddy bitty bits.

Josh and I are amazing, as ever. Five years in and still full steam ahead. If anything, the passion is our marriage has only grown. I'm thankful to find after all these years that we're not the case when it comes to sterotypical teen pregnancy/marriages. Unfortunetly, this is an area I can't explain with words. You just have to be around us to see and feel how we react to one another. Still electric. *beams*

And now, on to the rest of the world...

Hm, now if I recall correctly, for the most part my LJ friends were Hanson fans. Well, I'll always be a Hanson fan, but after twelve years in that fandom I'd had enough. Whiny bitches always stirrin' up the shit just to get a good argument going. And honestly, all the jealousy and superiority complexes had gotten old. For a band that was all about the music, their fans were anything but. (No offense to you guys. We wouldn't have been friends in the first place if y'all were like that)

So, I've joined a new fandom. It wasn't intentional, I just kind of fell into it. A friend linked me to a music video on youtube. I saw the boy in the video and fell head over heels for him. After that, I asked her for a copy of the album. I watched the video again with my eyes closed (because there was NO way I could concentrate on the music if I was looking at him! lol) and I feel hard for the band... I demanded she send me the album after that. :0) After listening to two songs? I demanded that she send me the rest of their albums. All languages... because, you see... they're not American. They're German.

*deep sigh* Yes, I know... But shut up! I've never been one to judge anything. You guys should know that. But yesh, I am a Tokio Hotel fan. The boy of which I speak is the infamous German icon: Bill Kaulitz.

If you don't know who Tokio Hotel is, LOOK DAT SHIT UP!!! Because girly man has got a friggin identical twin! And though they're identical by blood, they look nothing alike. But then again, it's by choice. At the time I'd fallen in love, Bill wore his hair long and black, up in lion's mane. His twin, Tom, had long, blond dreadlocks.


Like THIS!Collapse )


Yeah, there's two more in the band. The blond is Gustav, and the brunette is Georg(Gay-org or Gay-org, depending on the country).
For months, the only things I was able to find out about the was via Youtube. Then I started finding the right websites and began to learn more about them. 

Then, it was time start promoting for the new album. With a new album, apparently, came new looks. Tom lost the YEARS worth of lovingly cultivated blond dreads and dyed his hair black, adding in cornrows instead. (He's VERY into German hip hop). Bill.. *sigh* He in GOT dreads. Black ones of course, with white extensions woven in. I didn't like them at first, but they quickly grew on me. I learned to LOVE them....

Dreads and RowsCollapse )

...and then? Bill decided that dreads were too much maintenance... (this coming from a man whose the friggin <i>epitome</i> of high maintenance) as if he didn't know that from Tom's YEARS of experience. *whines* So, he changed his hair again...

Why, Bill? WHY?!Collapse )

A mohawk, Bill? Really? *sighs* I know... Your hair, your choice. It's all about you and what you want. What you're comfortable in. I think, personally, I just need some more time to adjust.

Ok, SO! Now that the whole TH thing is out of the way (check them OUT!), let's get back to real life. Still writing fiction, however, the subject has changed. (duh, TH?). So that's still there. Learning a lot more about HTML and whatnot. Proboards is a bitch, so I've moed on to IVF. RPing has never changed, so that's still there too.

Living life to its fullest. Josh just landed a job at Pitcher Perfect (Yes, 'pitcher'). $200 for 3 days of work? Yeah, I think we can make do with that. *smirks*> I start orientation at Old Navy tomorrow. It's only part time for now, but we're heading into the holidays, I've an open schedule and years of retail experience. It's only a matter of time until I'm full time.

In May, a friend of mine is moving halfway across the country to come live with us. It'll be the first time any of us will have our own place. A nice four bedroom house to rent, or else a large townhouse will work as well. With three paychecks, we'll be able to afford something large enough for the lot of us. And yes, once we have a palce of our own and a steady flow of cash coming in? We can start trying for our third and final child! *gushes* Oh, I can't wait... It'd BETTER be a boy this time or else home girl's gonna be an unwilling Tom boi. 

I can't decide... Zachary Sage? Zachary Lyric? Sage Lyric? Zachary-Sage Lyric? Zachary Sage Lyric? Yeah, I like them all... Zachary Sage Lyric has such a ring to it... It's going to happen. Maybe even earlier than we expected. We'd planned to spread the kids five years apart because Kairi and Taylor worked out perfect that way. Mm, we'll see how it all works out.

Well, anyhow, it's almost 2am and I start work tomorrow. *excitedly squeal* After a year off work, I'm MORE than eager to get back to it! (more explanation on that later) Night all!! *MUAH*




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