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Musically Inspired

Lyrically Desired

Misery Chastain
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About MeMy name is Misery. I'm twenty six years old and I live in Springfield Illinois. I'm openly omnisexual and active in the gay community. I've brought my children up to believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to love. You can't control what you feel or who you feel it for. To quote my then six year old daughter - "It's okay to be gay. You be what you be."

My hobbies include music, of course, but my passion is writing. I write for myself but I love to get others opinions on my work. I'll never claim to be good, let alone great and I don't write by anyone's guidelines but my own...
The "Fam"My ZwillingLiebe is Axony. XD Nony, Mein TomiZwillingLiebe!!! Muse charmer extraordinaire. The Axel to my Lyric. The Teddy to my Tempo. The Lark(Angel) to my Johanna. My mistress of the written word. We've discovered that we have some kind of eerie 'twin' connection. We're constantly reading each others mind and then some. We've been married since April 12th, 2010 and it's been quite the experience that I wouldn't give up for anything. *nuzzlelufflelickgropeloveson*

Together, we've adopted KT, our JUCIE lil CAAAAAARL! She just graduated highschool!! *sniffleclingstoAlcie* They grow up so fast! >.> *fondles*, Kei, our middled adoptee yet oldest daughter. Mein Apple Blossom <3 <.< She's a true PedoBear! And Ashley, mein Ashers, a product of my affair with Twitter XD She's our lovey little squishy lush, and she's one of the bestest people I can turn to for a self esteem boost.

Friends - I've always considered myself bit of a social butterfly. I don't stick to certain cliques or types of people but rather those who catch my interest. You can never have enough 'best' friends...
MusicHanson has always been a constant in my life since I was eleven years old. They've been a part of my life longer than any friend, longer than any relationship and I hope that they'll be there as I grow even older. Even if it means popping MON into an ancient CD player when I'm sixty five. They're role in my life is unexplainable, but I can say that one of my connections with them is that they're one of the few goods things left from my childhood. They're a connection that will always be there to hold on to the simple, carefree moments of my life where I had no worries or responsibilities.

In the last few years, my musical tastes have taken a turn, surprising even myself. Hanson has always been the one band where my loyalty to them was never questioned. As you can see by my new layout, I've been lacking as a Fanson as of late. Tokio Hotel. The boy you see gracing every remnant of this page is named Bill Kaulitz. He is the lead singer of the band which consists of him as the singer, Tom Kaulitz (Bill's identical twin) as the guitarist, Gustav Schäfer as the drummer and Georg Listing as the bassist. I also love Marianas Trench and Black Veil Brides.
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